Effervescent Essential Oil Bombs for a Sublime Spa Shower Experience

Step into fine-crafted, olfactory landscapes of aromatic relaxation. Unwind in your showers with premium mentholated essential oil infusions that transform your showers into luxurious spas.

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100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Sustainably Packaged

We care for your health and the health of mother Earth. No single-use plastic wraps, no palm oils or derivatives, no nasties. Septic tank safe, pH balanced.

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Restoring Koala Corridors

When you place an order above AUD$100, we plant a native tree here in Australia to help restore Koala Corridors. Learn More

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Designed in Sydney

Shower Story is brought to you by the collaboration of essential-oil enthusiasts, designers, literature geeks, chemist nerds, animal-lovers, globe-trotters, artists, storytellers and twenty-plus-years-experienced bath and beauty insiders, based in Sydney’s beautiful waterlocked South.


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