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Complete Calming Bundle – Essential Oil Infused Sublime Shower Steamers

Sale priceAUD 72 Regular priceAUD 90
Complete Calming Bundle – Essential Oil Infused Sublime Shower Steamers
Complete Calming Bundle – Essential Oil Infused Sublime Shower Steamers Sale priceAUD 72 Regular priceAUD 90

Embrace & Uplift

The Bloom Collection

This empowering collection is more than an assortment of aromas; it's an odyssey of the senses. Stimulating citruses flirt with the tender allure of soft florals, each accord a sparkling conversation in an electrifying tête-à-tête.

Cradled by the harmonious gravitas of lush, herbal base notes, the olfactory experience ascends, taking your spirits on a journey to newfound heights of wakefulness and creative prowess. It's not simply a collection; it's a radiant manifesto whispering, "Awaken, for your brilliance knows no bounds."

Soothe & Calm

The Enough Collection

This collection is a sublime alchemy of aromas that transcends the ordinary. Here, fragrant grasses waltz in a luminous embrace with tangy florals, each note a whispered secret between lovers.

Grounded by the enigmatic depth of earthy woods, the scents linger like a fond, indelible memory. It's not merely a collection; it's an intimate dialogue with the soul, a poetic affirmation that murmurs, 'You, too, are a masterpiece.'

The Ritual

  1. Remove security seals and unwrap shower bomb.
  2. Place shower bomb on the shower floor or soap shelf, and expose to light shower spray.
  3. Once steam builds up, breathe in deeply through your nose, and out through your mouth.
  4. For stronger effects, massage onto palms and breathe in deeply, or dab on nearest facing wall.
  5. Rinse clean when done and keep shower bomb dry in between uses.

100% VEGAN







Customer Reviews

Based on 191 reviews
Sang.U (Melbourne, AU)
Relaxing - like a spa

Felt like I was at a spa… each one has a unique smell.

Anna M. (Townsville, AU)
Beautiful smelling goodness! Exotic Showers

I have purchased these before, so I couldn’t wait to get a bundle pack to pass on the two smaller varieties to my good friend as a pre birth gift! I found these a god send when in labour as the smells kept me well distracted!
All in all, these shower steamers are pure luxury if you aren’t a bath type of gal like me, I recommend these to all of my girlfriends, nothing is a hit or miss, your won’t be disappointed

Catherine F. (Sydney, AU)
A quiet retreat

Whether it is night time or get ready for the day shower story has it all is calming to sleep and refreshing to start the day

Customer (Sydney, AU)
Smells amazing

It's like you're at a spa! Smells so good and so easy to use.

Felicity B. (Sydney, AU)
Fantastic product

Repeat purchaser. I just love the freshness of these gorgeous shower fragrances

Olivia J. (Sydney, AU)
A special experience

I purchased the perfect gift bundle with both the ‘bloom’ and ‘enough’ scent packs for my partner. He absolutely loves using them particularly after a hard day at work to help unwind. These are perfect for those who don’t have a bath and are the ultimate self care item to add to your shower routine.

They do break down, so ensure you have a little plate or bowl for them to live in to avoid them caking on your shower shelf or floor.

Will repurchase :)

Mark S. (Brisbane, AU)
Great gift

I bought these for my partner for Christmas as she never really has time for a bath. Great option to use in the shower, she loves them.

PS (Perth, AU)
Shower Lover

I have enjoyed my showers much more since I started using this product. It’s unlike any other ones I have bought before. The cube actually lasts me for my whole 15min shower. Although it is a bit pricey, it’s a wonderful addition to my self-care routine and I have even received positive reviews from the people I have given these to as a gift. Try it, you’ll love it. You’ll understand why it’s worth it.

Donna M. (Sydney, AU)
Reviving xmas

It has been the most enjoyable customer service i have received in a ling time very happy highly recommend thus product and service


These smell amazing!!!! Lasts for ages as well, worth the money. Will be purchasing again