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Shower Steamer FAQ

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About the Product

What is a shower steamer?

A shower steamer is an effervescent preparation adapted for shower use to provide soothing aromatherapeutic experiences. When hot water comes in contact with a steamer, it fizzes and foams to infuse beautiful essential oil notes into the shower steam.

How to use shower steamers?

Shower Steamers are simple to use. Unwrap the tablet and place on the floor or soap self (or on a shallow dish tray) in contact with shallow stream of flowing water. Keep away from direct shower spray and keep your shower steamer tablet tablet dry in between showers.

For more immersive projection: Wet it in hot shower spray and dab its clay onto the surrounding shower walls to create more diffuse points. Rinse starch residue off walls at the end of the shower. Breathe deeply.

Click here to read our full illustrated guide.

How long does each shower steamer last?

SHOWER STORY® shower steamers are designed for repeatable use. While some customers say they have lasted 6-7 uses, Sublime Shower Steamer cubes are designed for 2-3 showers depending on how much singing you do in there ;), while menthol Shower tablets are designed for 1-2 showers. Keeping tablets away from shower spray and splashing water on the steamers intermittently will extend use time while giving a softer experience. Tablets will need to be kept dry between each shower to stop their effervecent reactions.

Do shower steamers stain the shower?

All ingredients used are water soluble and do not stain the shower surfaces unless left to sit for many weeks. Our shower steamers are designed to dissolve cleanly and any residue can be rinsed off easily at the end of every shower.

Will shower steamers make the shower floor slippery?

The presence of essential oils will mean that there will likely be an increase potential slip hazards in your shower. The slipperiness of a surface is also dependent on the material finish of the shower floor. Elderly users are advised to install a slip-proof mat in the shower as added safety measure or to contain the shower steamer with a shallow dish.

Will shower steamers work with my shower?

The performance of shower steamers will depend on the size of your shower space; ventilation and preferred shower temperature. Typically, enclosed showers; steamier air; lower ventilation and higher water temperature is preferred for an optimal shower steaming experience. For open showers, more than one shower steamer tablet may need to be used.

Can I use shower steamers as bath bombs?

Due to its high essential oils and menthol content, we do not recommend using our shower steamers in baths. Improper use could lead to unpleasant skin sensitisation and irritation.

Do you do custom gift messages?

We offer e-gift messages that will be automatically sent to the recipient upon purchase. Currently we do not offer written/printed gift messages.


Is there a minimum spend amount for Afterpay®?

Currently there is no mimum spend amount for payments made through Afterpay.

I signed up and forgot my coupon code. Can you help?

Not to worry. Your unique coupon code would have been emailed to your email address at the moment of your sign up. Please refer to that email. If there are further issues message us on our live chat, socials or email and our team will help you out :)

My coupon code isn't working.

A few things to check:

1. Ensure spelling is done correctly.

2. Ensure your code is not expired.

3. Check that your cart items are eligible for the discount offer.


Are shower steamers safe for kids?

Our Sublime Shower Steamers are suitable for children over the age of six, provided adequate parental supervision to ensure proper use. Make sure to keep away from eyes and rinse hands thoroughly after touching the steamer cubes. Shower steamer tablets are harmful if swallowed or put in mouth. If accidentally swallowed, seek medical help immediately. Never use essential oils to replace proper medical care.

Are shower steamers safe to use during pregnancy?

Due to debates in medical research academia our team has studied, we generally do not recommend use of essential-oil products during pregnancy, please consult your doctor or GP whether essential-oils products are suitable for you.

I have allergies, where can I check ingredients?

Complete ingredient lists are shown on each of the relevant product pages. Please consult a medical professional if you are unsure about any of the ingredients.

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