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[Limited Time] MegaBundle – Essential Oil Infused Shower Steamers

Sale priceAUD 350

Embrace & Uplift

The Bloom Collection

This empowering collection is more than an assortment of aromas; it's an odyssey of the senses. Stimulating citruses flirt with the tender allure of soft florals, each accord a sparkling conversation in an electrifying tête-à-tête.

Cradled by the harmonious gravitas of lush, herbal base notes, the olfactory experience ascends, taking your spirits on a journey to newfound heights of wakefulness and creative prowess. It's not simply a collection; it's a radiant manifesto whispering, "Awaken, for your brilliance knows no bounds."

Soothe & Calm

The Enough Collection

This collection is a sublime alchemy of aromas that transcends the ordinary. Here, fragrant grasses waltz in a luminous embrace with tangy florals, each note a whispered secret between lovers.

Grounded by the enigmatic depth of earthy woods, the scents linger like a fond, indelible memory. It's not merely a collection; it's an intimate dialogue with the soul, a poetic affirmation that murmurs, 'You, too, are a masterpiece.'

The Ritual

  1. Remove security seals and unwrap shower bomb.
  2. Place shower bomb on the shower floor or soap shelf, and expose to light shower spray.
  3. Once steam builds up, breathe in deeply through your nose, and out through your mouth.
  4. For stronger effects, massage onto palms and breathe in deeply, or dab on nearest facing wall.
  5. Rinse clean when done and keep shower bomb dry in between uses.

100% VEGAN







Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
karen d. (Melbourne, AU)

there are great.
as I only have a shower there work wonders. specially when I am try.

Andrew C. (Melbourne, AU)
Bought for the man who loves to shower

Not kidding when I say my husband loves showering almost as much as he loves me. So I bought him this as an anniversary present - and he rates them. We’re currently trying all the different scents to pinpoint which is our preferred, and then will likely buy one or two scents going forward. My only downside so far is that there aren’t individual scents - all are complex (and beautiful!) but I do love a sandalwood/cedar wood. I am not disappointed enough by this that it diminishes my five-star review and would recommend to others for sure.

rowena h. (Melbourne, AU)
Shower bombs

I absolutely love these products! My family and friends have also had the luxury of using the bombs and ring me each time they have used them to have a great rave and also if I have any left to share with them. Not only are your spirits lifted with the gorgeous scent but my bathroom smells so good all day. Thank you for this amazing uplifting product ideal your year round but so beneficial in cold winter

Lesley (Melbourne, AU)

I bought the package for my teenage granddaughters and they have only just received them so yet to hear their opinion, but they did think they smelt divine when they opened the box

R R. (Forbes, AU)
What a lovely surprise!

I had been looking at shower steamers for while and decided to try Shower Story as they were an Australian business. I thought I'd just go ahead and order the Lux Collections Bundle as it was great value and I am so happy I did! Not only has my shower experience elevated to the next level, my little house is filled with the most divine scents. I rub the wet steamer all over my tiles at head level and then leave the steamer at the end of my bath tub where it stays for ages! I love this product so much I have gifted a few to friends who only have showers and never even knew this kind of product existed! I don't think I can shower without them now and I am hoping I've converted my friends too! Thank you so much :)

Cindy H.H. (Sydney, AU)

Love everyone of these invigorating & relaxing shower steamers , I can’t get enough! Just beautiful

Deb (Brisbane, AU)
I missed my bathbombs - showerbombs are really perfect

I never get to get in the bath anymore. This is so perfect, adding that aromatherapy and just the opportunity to escape. The scent just washes over you. Thankyou - this a great way to help start and end the day.

Karen A. (Sydney, AU)
Water Wow

All scents provide a soothing and revitalising experience in the shower. Leaves you ready for the day.

helen B. (Melbourne, AU)
Shower Sensations

I have to say all the smells are Devine and my first batch I have already sent as gifts to my children both interstate while I am in lockdown. My son says they are fantastic in the sauna as well. I will need to buy more now so I have my own LOL. The quality of the packaging and the gorgeous colours make them a lux gift for anyone or for myself -will keep the box. Service is exceptional and I really do believe you are hitting your market well. Thankyou and I will definitely be back to buy more.

An idea would be to come up with a little dish for the bombs to sit in the shower as it would then be a whole package with everything you need. Open the bomb and sit it in the little dish provided would be fantastic.

Hayley F. (Brisbane, AU)
Sublime moments

This product has changed my life. I don’t have a bath and the shower was always in and out. Now my haven is my shower with “fairy lights”.