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[Limited Time] All-in-One Signature Aroma Shower Bombs Bundle

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Sale priceAUD 169 Regular priceAUD 259
SHOWER STORY_[Limited Time] All-in-One Signature Aroma Shower Bombs Bundle__SSDX10QM1WO1SS1FL1
[Limited Time] All-in-One Signature Aroma Shower Bombs Bundle Sale priceAUD 169 Regular priceAUD 259

Aroma Oils used in this Blend

10 x Quiet Morning - Eucalyptus Blend

The scent evokes that first stretch you take under a sky still blushing with dawn, tinged with the purity of a night's rain. Eucalyptus arrives first, sharp and clarifying, like cold water splashed on your face. Lemon Verbena subtly whispers, like a light citrus fog lifting from a field, only to reveal the deeper, almost sacred earthiness of Myrrh and Rosemary.

10 x Wild Orchard - Grapefruit Blend

Imagine an orchard where the trees are adorned with gem-like fruits and the sky above is impossibly blue. The Grapefruit scent bursts forth, sweet but not saccharine, as if kissed by morning dew. Pine meanders in, less like a forest and more like the crispness of freshly-snapped twigs, all sewn together by the grounding but enigmatic scent of Patchouli.

10 x Spring Stream - Lemongrass Blend

The scent transports you to that narrow footbridge over a babbling brook in a forgotten woodland. Lemongrass is the sunbeam that dances on the water’s surface, tangy and alive. Cypress lends a woody dignity to the blend, like the aged bark of trees standing sentinel along the banks. Vetiver is the enigma, a moist, earthy humus that calls to something primal in you.

10 x Fairy Lights - Lavender Blend

You're in an ethereal meadow bathed in lunar glow, where time stands still. Bergamot is the initial flicker of luminescence, capturing the fine line between floral and citrus. Lavender meanders in, a whiff as gentle as moth wings against night-blooming jasmine. Then, Ylang-ylang unfurls like the closing lines of a love poem, rich, complex, and tinged with a sweetness that lingers long after the night has surrendered to dawn.

The Ritual

  1. Tear open tab to pull out bottom-most sachet and take out shower bomb.
  2. Place shower bomb upright, on the shower floor or soap shelf, expose to light shower spray.
  3. Once steam builds up, breathe in deeply through your nose, and out through your mouth.
  4. For strong effects, massage onto palms and breathe in deeply.
  5. Keep tablet dry in between uses.

100% VEGAN







Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lorraine M. (Sydney, AU)
You have to get yourself some these shower steamers are amazing

It is like having a mini day spa every time you shower. I love this product so much. I also gave a mixture of aromas as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them. They are amazing.

Tristan N. (Melbourne, AU)
Never look at the regular shower the same way again

After using the shower steam, I would never look at a regular shower the same way again! This experience is truly next-level. It not only clears my blocked nose but also surrounds me with a scent that transports me to a beautiful flower garden. It's like a breath of fresh air and a burst of fragrance all at once! Highly recommended.

However, I wish the tablet would be a bit smaller so I can finish it in one shower, as it would normally take 2 showers to finish one tablet and the second shower wouldn't bring up the same experience as the first one.


I am obsessed with this brand, they make not having a bath in your apartment actually okay!

Susan F. (Geelong, AU)
Luxurious shower.

I love how wonderful my shower smells. My whole bathroom smells fabulous. The shower bomb lasts around 5 or 6 showers for me so not so expensive.


Love my shower story ritual
Soothing and calming at night
And a fresh awakening in the mornings

Catherine F.
Love it

Followed instructions and when I couldn’t sleep one night, after having a shower and cupping my hands for extra calm pure bliss.
Part of my nightly and morning routine now


Love it so refreshing having it in the shower

Melissa M. (Sydney, AU)

These shower steamers have ruined me for regular showers. I don’t know whether to recommend them or not!! Divine!

Casey (Sydney, AU)
If I could shower 10 times a day with these, I would!

I umm’d and ahh’d over purchasing these for months, put off by the cost for something I could smell before hand. So when they went on sale I decided to try and I’m so glad I did. This are absolutely beautiful, they all smell incredible and make showing feel so luxurious and soothing. We have a big shower so it took me a while to find the right spot to get a level of scent I wanted but once I did, heaven!! I also gave some as gifts for Christmas and everyone has loved them!!! So yes, definitely worth the money!!!

Carmen B. (Sydney, AU)

Love these shower bombs, makes the morning wake up a lot more pleasant. All the scents are a joy to experience.