Shower Story Reviews

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The winter survivor

This winter has hit me really hard with rainy weather and bad colds plus Covid these little treats I got for myself have really saved my mental health my nose and my body I will be ordering again


I bough a kit for myself and I fell in love! I have bought more for friends

These were bought for a friend as a gift so unsure at the moment

They’re cute!

I thought they would be like an ambiance of steam and smell, but they kind of just melt away and that’s it.. I’m still giving 4 stars because the smells and packaging are beautiful!!!


Love them all ! Just can’t get enough 💞 & great to give as a present

Love this product


Shower Story steamers leave me with a feeling of clarity and calmness, whether it be at night or during the day. It embeds in your skin for the most beautiful aromas, that leaves me feeling refreshed.

The smell is divine!

I love this alternative to bath bomb, for those days where i’m too busy to get a bath but still needed some boosting or calming aroma therapy . Wild Orchard is my favourite scent for the morning and Fairy Lights for a late shower, and the whole shower faintly smells like it for days!!

Sooooo Good !

Have been looking for a shower steamer that actually works and smells amazing for so long... and now I've found it !
Gorgeous scents and I actually got two showers out of each block, they made my bathroom smell great in-between showers as well. Can definitely recommend 👌 👍

Shower hugs

Loved the menthol shower steamers so cosy and refreshing at thr same time. Favorite was fair lights

Shower bombs

I absolutely love these products! My family and friends have also had the luxury of using the bombs and ring me each time they have used them to have a great rave and also if I have any left to share with them. Not only are your spirits lifted with the gorgeous scent but my bathroom smells so good all day. Thank you for this amazing uplifting product ideal your year round but so beneficial in cold winter

Amazing product

These shower steamers have been the best. We don’t have a very big bath but these allow us to have an aromatherapy relaxing shower without the hassle of waiting for the bath to fill up.
We love them and will be buying more.

Napping in the shower

I keep using all the hot water and leaving my boyfriend without any because i’ve basically been napping in the shower (but not rly bc dangerous) since using these! Love a good sit down in the corner with the Last Lullaby scent smeared on the glass!! So very relaxing.
They last longer than I thought they would in the shower as long as you aren’t letting them be in the shower stream the whole time! I have been putting water in a small container and dipping the cube in and then smearing that on the glass, and then emptying the container and sitting it in the corner with the rest of the cube for my shower where it only gets a light spray. The smell is delightful. :))
I bought double so I could gift them to my mum and she is also loving them!


The scents were absolutely delightful and refreshing… the only downside was that the smell didn’t last long. Tried a few methods - smeared on walls in shower and/or left in small container to evaporate.


This is a lovely scent, gentle but strong enough to really enhance a wake-up shower. Packaging is great too, very easy to use.

Love Love the shower steamers! My stress and worries left behind the minute i step into the shower, the smell from the essential oils just instantly relaxes me.

Scent could be stronger

I purchased the Spring Stream set of 10 tablets because I had loved the scent in a mixed set. It’s a beautiful scent but the tablets were not as strong smelling and were a different texture, more coarse. I might buy the cubes again but not the tablets but it will mean paying more.


My evenings are not the same without these! They are amazing! - I’m obsessed

Scented shower of dreams!

Love shower story shower steamers! Makes you happy in the morning breathing in all the delicious aromas and preparing you for your day!

Amazing scents, beautiful product

These are the most amazing aromatherapy items I have ever bought for my wife. My wife is currently caring for her father who has lung cancer and she doesn’t have time for a relaxing bath. These things are just amazing, she uses the shower for some ‘me’ time and these just add that extra bit of pampering for her. They are truly beautiful.
I just couldn’t say just how good they have made her feel.
Long lasting, I often get a little bonus with the remaining bits post her shower.

Lovely scents

Lovely scents, a little luxury.

Fresh and invigorating

Love these shower bombs. I’ll get 2-3 showers out of one cube. The scents are subtle but invigorating. I plan to buy again


So so lovely to pop one of these in the shower then be wrapped in the amazing scent. Will definitely always have these on hand

Fantastic luxury

OMG the smell is divine, so relaxing and enjoying feeling so special and spoilt

A little luxury

It’s hard to get out of the shower now.
The smells coming from the shower steamer are amazing and l love it !