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ENOUGH Lite: Soothe + Calm – Essential Oil Infused Sublime Shower Steamers

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Soothe & Calm ENOUGH Shower Steamer Infused With Essential Oil In Australia
ENOUGH Lite: Soothe + Calm – Essential Oil Infused Sublime Shower Steamers Sale priceAUD 45

Aroma Blends in The Enough Collection

Spring Stream

Composed of the notes of fresh lemongrass, cypress and vetiver roots, this embracing blend emulates a walk along a steadily flowing stream, greeted by freshwater reeds that bow in the soft, gentle breeze.

Tree Whispers

A warm wind sweeps away the stale air and brings forth new unspoken tranquillity. This accord blends the regenerative spirits of the notes of Australian tea tree, precious Moroccan neroli and voluminous frankincense.

Fairy Lights

Moonlight drapes over a hidden meadow, nocturnal creatures peer into a twinkling fairy lights. This blend opens with the scent of bergamot orange, strong florals and citruses, sweet and intoxicating. Lavender emerges, hypnotic and flushed, crescendoing into final note of ylang-ylang, heavy and still, yet sweet and floral, carrying the scents deep into the starry night.

Last Lullaby

A centering, balanced blend of citruses, florals and woods. This comforting aroma blend begins with nurturing sweet notes of tangerine and mandarin. It evokes the initiate glow of candlelight followed by soft, fluffy scent of chamomile. Dark, woody, nostalgic base notes of cedarwood lowers the atmosphere of the space into a peaceful sleep.

The Ritual

  1. Remove security seals and unwrap shower bomb.
  2. Place shower bomb on the shower floor or soap shelf, and expose to light shower spray.
  3. Once steam builds up, breathe in deeply through your nose, and out through your mouth.
  4. For stronger effects, massage onto palms and breathe in deeply, or dab on nearest facing wall.
  5. Rinse clean when done and keep shower bomb dry in between uses.

100% VEGAN







Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Patricia M. (Maitland, AU)

I love these. The scent is subtle but so beautiful. I sit the bomb in a soap dish and just sprinkle a little water on it each shower to make them last longer.

Deb (Melbourne, AU)
Shower steamers

I loved these compared to other ones. I have a large shower area and the scents were beautiful and filled the shower. Other steamers do not work in large spaces. Will be buying more

Herlianty F. (Sydney, AU)
Heavenly smell

I love all the smell from Shower Story. They leave my bathroom smell heavenly for days.
I also gave some of them as Xmas presents to my friends and they love them. My Xmas presents was a hit this year :-)

Kendra D. (Adelaide, AU)
Shower steamers

Super easy website to understand, clear descriptions, quick shipping and in perfect condition! Plus the product works amazing! Will definitely be buying again!

louise L. (Melbourne, AU)
Raining scents

The scented cubes just adds that extra lift to your shower...makes it a lovely experience instead of a duty. I especially liked fairy lights

Sandra L.R. (Sydney, AU)
Shower story the best!

Truly beautiful product, so refreshing and invigorating


Fantastic idea whilst having a shower. Highly recommend these amazing aromas to relax you

Kyra (Melbourne, AU)
Great for winding down

This pack is perfect for finding your favourite scent or setting a different vibe each night. Each scent is perfect for winding down at the end of a long day. 10/10 recommend

Christine O. (Melbourne, AU)
Fantastic product

Beautiful scent

Gem E.
Divine relaxation

Soothe + Calm is exactly what these shower steamers do. I've tried steamers before but Shower Story steamers are next level! The scents are just divine. I'd definitely purchase again, 100% recommend. The scent lingers in the bathroom after you shower and I have so many complements.