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How to Use Sublime Shower Steamers

A Guide to Scented Showers

1. Remove your shower steamer from the outer packaging and unwrap it by removing the paper sticker. The wrapping paper should open up easily once the sticker is removed.

2. Bring the steamer cube into the shower. Begin running your hot steamy shower as usual.

3. Wet your steamer cube briefly, it should immediately begin to foam and fizz in your hand. Spread the scented clay on the walls around you at chest level to promote an immersive scented shower experience.

3. Breathe deeply and allow the uniquely crafted essential oil scents to gently carry your mind away to distant meadows.

5. Nearing the end of each shower, simply rinse clean the starch residue on the surrounding walls. Store the remaining steamer cube somewhere dry for use in your next shower, otherwise the steamer will continue to absorb moisture and melt into a scented clay puddle on the soap shelf.


Beautiful Experience

I love the whole experience of this story. The packaging, the information about the plants, the smell and then actually using the shower bomb. Standing in the steamy hot water, surrounded by the absolutely beautiful aromas from the bomb has made the shower experience so much more. An added bonus is that my bathroom maintains that soft delicate smell all day. I am so impressed I have purchased one as a christmas gift. Will definately be reordering.

Kay Schwartz


Perfect Gift

These are the perfect gift for someone who has everything. They are well packaged in solid well designed boxes, the products smell exactly as described AMAZING and each one lasts quite a while. I will be buying more.

Tara Allen


A unique gift for the person who has everything

"Shower Story Steamers make an indulgent gift, instead of predictable soap and average body lotions. When I give this gift, I truly know the recipient will be getting something special they've never had before. It's an affordable, yet special way to show someone that you've thought of something unique. Because it's practical, you're giving an experience, a way of easily turning a regular shower into a home spa. I love the idea and the beautiful packaging that makes it just perfect for gifting."

Danielle Archer


Absolutely divine!!

Such a fan of these beautiful uplifting fragrances! Perfect to start my day with a spa like shower experience. Definitely recommend for a little self care, but I’ll also using these as stocking fillers for my friends this Christmas! Xxx

Kia Codd


Take a break, take a scented shower