Like Bath Bombs, but better.

Shower steamers have many names: shower bombs, bursts, fizzies. Shower steamers react with hot water to foam and fizz to release beautiful, natural botanical notes into the air - a truly relaxing scented spa experience to add to your shower routine.

How to Use Shower Steamers

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Feeling down? Lift up with Long-lasting Shower Steamers

It's perfectly okay to not feel 100%. Nourish your spirits and allow yourself to rewind by taking luxurious scented showers. filling it with heavenly, hypnotic veils of reassurance and serenity, gently carrying you off to faraway wonders of the natural world. Explore our Scent Collections today.

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Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable packaging

We care for your health and the health of mother Earth. No shrink wraps, no metal foil, no chunks of plastics. Individually hand-wrapped in special scent-sealing paper for long shelf life and packed in premium soft-touch hardened paper gift boxes.

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Supporting local charities

We will soon begin monthly contributions to local charities, including rehabilitating bushlands affected by bushfires, conservation of the Great Barrier Reefs and others such as wildlife rescue. Stay tuned!

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Designed in Sydney

Shower Story is brought to you by the collaboration of essential-oil enthusiasts, designers, literature geeks, chemist nerds, animal-lovers, globe-trotters, artists, storytellers and twenty-plus-years-experienced bath and beauty insiders, based in Sydney’s beautiful waterlocked South.


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