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Unboxing Bloom Lite

What's in the Box?

Congratulations! You've just received your Lite pack of ShowerStory's Bloom Collection: Embrace & Uplift.

Remove security seals and open the gorgeous gift should already be able to smell the gentle aromas seeping through...

Each of the Sublime Shower Steamer Gift Sets comes with an illustrated 3-fold pamphlet containing our orginally crafted Scent Stories and descriptions of each of the botanical notes used in the set - a elegant bonus that makes it a thoughtful choice to gift to a loved one.

Below each of the Scent Story, in fine print, is a GPS location to a scenic, untapped part of the natural world... simple search on Google 360 photosphere to be transported...(for curious souls only)

The back of the pamphlet includes descriptions of the botanical notes used in the set, as well as more detailed instructions on correct use and placement in the shower.

Onto shower steamers...the Lite Collections feature four scents. In Bloom: Embrace & Uplift, we have Quiet Morning (awakening), Wild Orchard (glistening), Simple Citrus (sharpening) and Safe & Sound (warming).

Each steamer cube lasts 2-3 showers and are individually handwrapped in special scent-sealing, moisture-proof papers, alleviating the use of overuse of plastic shrink wrap or metal foils.

This for example, is Simple Citrus. This blend is composed of the botanical notes of Lemon Rind, Tangerine, French Lavender and Jasmine - sharpening with a rounded, fresh, sweet floral tone. Simple Citrus is a showerlover favourite!

We have specially designed the outer packaging with supporting inner ribs so that you could place the base over the lid and it will slot in neatly and become taller than when you receive the box.

You'll be able to leave this setup as a display case in your bathroom and use the steamers whenever your heart desires! (without worrying about them reacting to moisture!*)

Note: If you leave it out exposed for long periods of time, some moisture may eventually seep through and decrease its reactivity (fizziness) with water.

Take a break, take a scented shower