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What's a shower steamer?

A Shower Steamer is basically a bath bomb reformulated for scented shower. When warm water comes in contact with a Shower Steamer, it fizzes to release essential oil scents into the moist air. “Steamer” refers to the in-shower steam and humidity helps carry the scents to fill your shower with heavenly aromas.

How do I use shower steamers?

Shower Steamers are simple to use. Wet it in hot shower spray and spread its clay onto the surrounding shower walls and leave it on a soap shelf away from direct spray. Breathe deeply. Rinse starch residue off walls at the end of the shower. Click here to read our full illustrated guide.

How long does each steamer cube last?

Each ShowerStory Sublime Shower Steamer is designed to last 2-3 showers depending on how much singing you do in there ;) Remember to take the remainder of the cube out after each shower otherwise it will contiue to pick up moisture and turn into a scented sludge.

Can I use shower steamers as bath bombs?

Due to its high essential oils and menthol content, we do not recommend using our Shower Steamers in baths. Improper use could lead to skin sensitisation.

Can I pick and match my favourite scents?

Not yet but you will soon be able to with our custom pick and match gift sets!

Do you do custom gift messages?

Unfortunately not that the moment but we are working on it :)


Is there a minimum spend amount for Afterpay®?

Currently there is no mimum spend amount for payments made through Afterpay.

I signed up and forgot my coupon code. Can you help?

Not to worry. Your unique coupon code would have been emailed to your email address at the moment of your sign up. Please refer to that email. If there are further issues message us and we will help you out :)

My coupon code isn't working.

A few things to check:

1. Make sure your code isn't expired. They expire automatically 7 days after the time of issue.

2. Make sure that the code is entered in all CAPITAL LETTERS, with no spaces in between.

2. Only one discount code is valid at one time. If your order qualifies for a 30% discount, your 20% code can no longer be added on top. We do not offer stacked discounts.

3. Discount codes are applied at checkout before inputting payment information.


Will they make my shower floor slippery?

The presence of essential oils will mean that there will likely be an increase potential slip hazards in your shower. However in our experience there wasn't any significance difference from using other shower products such as body wash. The slipperiness of a surface is also dependent on the material finish of the shower floor. Elderly users are advised to install a slip-proof matt in the shower as added safety measure.

Are shower steamers safe for kids?

Our Sublime Shower Steamers are suitable for children over the age of six, provided adequate parental supervision to ensure proper use. Make sure to keep it away with nose and eyes.

Caution: If your child develops skin irritation or difficulty breathing, seek professional medical help. Never use essential oils to replace proper medical care.

Are shower steamers safe to use during pregnancy?

Based on medical research academia, we do not recommend use of essential-oils-infused shower steamers during pregnancy, ecspecially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Caution: If unsure, please speak to your doctor or GP about whether essential-oils aromotherapeutic products are suitable for you. Never use essential oils to replace proper medical care.

I have allergies, where can I check ingredients?

Full ingredient lists are on each of the relevant product pages. Please consult a medical profession if you are unsure about any of the ingredients.

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